DZ-Cloud.com services are provided by net&rights GmbH to help users of DZ-Manager manifesting software providing an even better service to their jumpers and customers. Available products are:
Despite the name no data must be stored in the cloud. You can keep all data save at your dropzone or office when using the Online-Tools redirector service.

All services exist in a basic (=free of cost) and a premium version. See your personal DZ-Cloud-Page for booked as well as available products or contact us for more information.

Please also be aware that even if dropzones can offer functions like via the DZ-Manager Online-Tools, not all dropzones use all modules or list their dropzone here.

For testing and playing purposes we have setup a demo site where you can
If you want to get your own free dz-cloud-address and have your dropzone to be listed here, please contact us.